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Taufiq rilhardin writing part 10

How Hard It Is To Earn Some Money If It Does Not Have The Ability in A Particular Field

In the life of the everyday finding money is very difficult for people who do not have the ability in a particular field and the result for find the money have to rotate the brain in order to meet the needs of every day life.
Trouble finding money can be seen in people who don’t have capability in a particular field should be every day applying for a job by sending job applications to various companies whose results no results and this caused because it does not have the ability in a particular field.
But to find a solution for people who do not have the ability to continue to look for a job in any occasion such as finding a job through an ad in the newspaper, internet, etc who must be quickly had to send to the company seeking the employee because if not quickly send the job results that we want the position to be filled with the other person and we should be looking for more from the beginning about the job we want.
The bottom line in my opinion as a writer to find work for those people who do not have the ability to continue to look for a way to find a job and every day to search for information in various media, the internet, etc. and do not despair. as a writer I also feel how difficult looking for job is often the sense of despair comes to my self and in looking for a job where i feel very difficult if don’t have ability but the solution must continue to bend over backwards to the job we want.
As a writer I feel myself often feel dizzy and useless when not having a job but actually it’s just the feeling that we make for ourselves and I think every people is born to Earth is very useful especially to help others who are experiencing difficulty because it is essentially human nature have social.

So when the hard to find or earn money and hard to find work for people who do not have the ability in some field of only one road by way of praying, trying, patient and try to socialize with old friends and new friends in hopes of getting information on jobs that are finally making a good impact for ourselves as we got the work because the information we get from our friends.

When it’s hard looking for work because in that time ourselves as unemployment so our activities more spent at home then to fill the day to get better day with make positive activity like assist the elderly or help our parents, such as sweeping the floor, mop the floor, washing clothes or washing dishes. for other positive activity like help others like the neighbor who is having trouble with everyday life for example hard to eat everyday or need transport assistance to the hospital, etc  because help from us the neighbors finaly our relationship with neighbors or others person to be good so when someday we need help then quickly neighbors or other people will be fast help us.
I think as a writer as hard as any of the problems that we are facing if we are trying to solve these problems then the problem will be easily and have a lot to do good to other people so that our lives become easier in living life.

My Childhood

 My childhood passed happily and when I was a kid exactly when in elementary school what I thought just having fun like playing with friends, waiting for the school holidays on Sunday, waiting class next grade and waiting for the entry the most beautiful month of ramadan and prayer together with my friends in mosque.
When i was a kid and after coming home from school where i did was play with my friends and i play like to play marbles, playing petak umpet, play galasin, playing fort or as usual call “permainan benteng”, playing kites and play bike. but when entering the maghrib then I did go home because there is rules in my home if day of school cannot playing outside in the night and in sunday or holiday i can playing outside in the night but only until nine o’clock in the night.
The most exciting thing is when I was in elementary school I just thinking to fast entering the day Saturday and Sunday after entering Saturday and Sunday there was a beautiful day because on Saturday and Sunday I have a lot of time to play with my friends. and usually i do is playing kites where the place is field and in the attic in my house, playing marbles and play bike, feeling that I experienced during childhood is every day in the colourfull with happiness and without thinking to look for the necessities of life.
Entering acceptance school report to following the next level in the school which I fear is where if the result of value lessons in the report is not good, because automatically I could not pass to the next grade in the school and ultimately makes me sad basically my self realize that is all my fault because I was lazy to learn before and school holidays will feel gloomy.
The happiest when entered the holy month ramadan because I most liked when breaking the fast or iftar where the taste of food and drinks feels good and the most foods and drinks that I like at the time of Ramadan is coconut ice, fruit ice,orange syrup, melon syrup and banana compote (kolak pisang).
In the month of ramadan after maghrib prayers where my self and my friends usually visit each other to proceed or do it the prayer isha and after that continue with prayer tarawih usually me and my friends after prayer tarawih bought a chicken noodle where chicken noodle sellers use a cart and the place chicken noodle sellers use a cart is near mosque and around my home.
Atmosphere of the fasting month is very pronounced when dawn or “sahur” and break fast or iftar where situation the most beautiful time at dawn or “sahur” is when eat together with the family and continued with the morning prayer or “shalat subuh”. then break fast or iftar the most wonderful thing when breaking the fast or iftar with family and i feel the taste of foods and drink is delicious because all foods and drink made by my father and mother where cook based on love to family, in my opinion the most beautiful thing is about gather together with family because the family is a priceless treasure.
Childhood is the most beautiful and unforgettable memories and my opinion it will always be embedded inside my brain, for the last word I just want to say I hope or wish my writing is useful for myself and the people who read.

My Experience

In my life there is a lot of experience i got like a fun experience and unpleasant experience but I have to face it as bitter as any. before i had a pleasant experience there is unpleasant stage should I through and of an unpleasant experience and i learned that life is not easy and my opinion life needed of struggle as well as sacrifice and I had to learn from experience of the failure of life.
Unpleasant experience when i have tests for english language courses and i get for level of “pre-basic” this is the lowest level in English language courses. after getting my test results are very sad because to enter english language courses i get below basic level and that’s very lower level in english courses. but whatever i have to accept the results from test because only for that level where my ability.
After receiving the test results from english courses and finally my self register in English courses. when the first time my self attended english courses for pre-basic level there are many same age like me and a lot of student under my age too but whatever happens i have to concentrate to learning English because i want to know about english language.
To get a certificate for english language courses in the basic level must to go through several stages such as the needed to learn English from the basic one level to basic four level is last stage. and after the last stage on the basic four level should be on the test to be able to continue at a intermediate level and is unfortunately I ever had failed at the basic level for proceed to intermediate level.
After failed at the basic level and I must repeat again for basic level until pass and with my effort followed by desire finally i can pass from basic level in English courses. enter the intermediate level I’ve failed to reach the next level and I ever drop out because my self do not pass two times at the intemediate level but it does not reduce my desire to learn English. finally i have to register again because my self drop out from english course and the result I had to learn at a basic level in english course, but whatever happens I have to learn English language until understand.
Where after feel failures for some level in english course finally i can reach the advanced level in english course and when entering advanced level in english courses where all i felt like a dream because I never thought or imagine to enter the advance level in english courses before. in fact I’ve almost given up in learning english maybe i am tired to remember a lot of the words in english and the other reason my self almost given up because it is so hard to learn english language and so many words to keep in my mind, but because of support from my family finally I continue to learn English to pass the last level.
One of the solution that make my english can be honed very well by writing a letter with a pen pal in the overseas in the same time fortuity i have a pen pal in france and basicly i don’t ever visiting france and that’s the way to honed or sharpen my english language by sending a letter with my pen pal.
With sending a letter using english language from that solution the results could help my english language to be better than before. but now I lost contact with my pen pal in france last time my friend sent a letter to the worry to me and think that something unfortunate happen to me. because last time i send a letter if i am not mistake the year is 2004 that time there was the tsunami in aceh and it is make concerned my pen pal about myself. because before my pen pal think i live in aceh but in fact i live in Jakarta when i heard that my pen pal care about my self then i quickly send a letter back and my self has been replied the letter to my pen pal with explain that i was in good condition.
Basically until today myself still learn about english language because i must to remember english language words.
I hope my writing is useful for myself and other people who read it.

Tuesday Night In My Bedroom

Activities on Tuesday is the same with the other days activities and to drive away boredom I usually do is to sweep the floor, mopping floors, washing dishes, cleaning the bedroom and write about my self like to write about my activities every day, write about my hobby and write about my favorite food. and if I was tired in the afternoon so that I do is sleep but if I was not tired so that I do is watch television to repel boredom.
During unemployment some daily activities that I do to drive away boredom is by watching television, sweeping floors, mopping floors, washing dishes and writing about my daily life and my favorite food. sometimes if my body was tired in the afternoon then I’ll sleep but if my body was not tired then I’ll watch television.
Activity in the leisure time i use to write about everything like write about my self and write about my favorite food and usually i write in bahasa or english language and write with english language normally i do to hone my skills and my memories of the english language because my opinion english language must be often exercise or study every day and if I lazy to do it writing activities that I usually do is watch television.
Entered at eleven o’clock on Tuesday night situaton around my house feel quiet and just the sound of crickets is heard. sometimes in the night make my self just in case if there is a thief who entered my house and luckily so many people who live in my house so I do not feel scared if there is a thief entered my house can make so many people will wake up but I must be careful if there are bad people entered to my house.
Situation in my home would be nice if a lot of family members at home and if many members of the family was at home the atmosphere at home will be fun and noisy. basicly situation in my house will be fun when iftar begins because so much nice food made ​​by my father and my mother and my favorite drink and food when iftar time is coconut ice and banana compote.
Tuesday night where my sleep disturbed by a mosquito that was in my bedroom, but whatever happens I should be able to sleep because if my condition lack of sleep the results I will feel sleepy in the morning. and with lack of sleep will disturbed my concentration when doing activity but with any conditions in tuesday nights I tried to enough sleep and when wake up in the morning my body will feel refreshed and comfortable to do the activity from morning until afternoon.
I hope my writing is useful for myself and the people who read.

Cleaning my Bedroom

On Friday, I cleaned my bedroom and the reason I clean my bedroom because a lot of dust scattered in my room and dust makes a lot of mosquitoes in my bedroom at night. and with a lot of mosquitoes in my room at night where disturbing my sleep at night but after cleaning my bedroom in the mosquito in my bedroom is reduced.
The most part I do not like when cleaning the bedroom where I have to clean under the bed and under the table because i have to lift the bed and under the table and smoothed back. but the most fun when my bedroom was clean and it makes me happy because when my bedroom has been clean and then to do anything feels good.
Before I am very lazy to clean the bedroom but when too much of mosquitoes in my bedroom and it makes me to clean up the bedroom. and the first step in cleaning up the bedroom is with sweeping the floor because there is a lot of dirt on the floor, in the second stage is carried out by mopping the floor to make a floor is cleaner and for the last stage is to change the bed sheets or bed linen and wiping the dirt that’s on the table.
Actually there are still a lot of dirt in my bedroom where previously I did not cleaning because I cleaning the bedroom almost in the afternoon maybe I’ll cleaning again my bedroom tomorrow and my plan tomorrow is i will tidy up the shirt and my pants and clean again where dust that still exists in my bedroom and the last activity is to wash windows draperies in my bedroom.
My desire is where my bedroom every day is always clean and there is no dirt on the floor and tables. basically i have to get used to clean my bedroom every day because when the bedroom is clean and then to do anything will be comfortable and enjoyable.
Usually to clean my bedroom it took fifteen minutes to thirty minutes and my self concentrate to clean up dirt in the floor, dirt on the back and under the cabinets and the dirt under the table. basically I want to make my bedroom look clean and feel nice or good for the take a rest in the afternoon and in the night.
After cleaning the bedroom where the latter was resting in the bedroom while drinking a glass of sweet iced tea or a glass of cold milk. when the bedroom is clean while watching television with drinking a glass of sweet iced tea or a glass of cold milk will feel comfortable and enjoyable. probably thinking about the next stage to make the bedroom is cleaner and adding new goods or items.
I hope my writing is useful for myself and people who read my writing.

Education is Very Important

For our self education is something very important because we must have enough education to be able to meet the everyday needs and in addition to education are very important skills needed for self-for example the ability to use English, cooking skills, abilities in finance and others.
To enhance the ability of self-main runway is a lot of reading books and searching for information that can improve ourselves and if we are looking for information can be found in various places, in my opinion can be honed skills such as reading a book in addition we also have to implement it or realize it in their daily lives so that we learn useful knowledge for our self and others.
In addition to looking for education such english language, healty education, cooking education and the other do not forget to explore the science of knowledge about religion because about religious knowledge is very important to live our lives day to day as well as the life of this world and hereafter. religious education in my opinion should be continue to learn every day because of religious education leads us to the right path and the street are very useful to learn when we are having problems in the life of the world.
the turn of the day to day while undergoing daily life in make balance for to learn general knowledge as well as science of religion is a very important thing also is to maintain health because health is a priceless treasure with healthy soul and whatever else we would be comfortable, happy and very good in science learning.
To refresh the mind and memories in our brain and in my opinion the best solution is done so that we can continue to develop ourself be better and grow rich in science by continuing to learn every day because of the lessons learned every day to explore the talent that exists in ourselves.
My opinion often hang out with friends who have more knowledge can develop ourselves but beside got in addition knowledge from our friends also have to seek knowledge from everywhere and knowledge obtained from a variety of credible sources.
So science must be sought until last of our life and most important religious knowledge because science of religion is most important to live the rest of our lives and in the science of religions there are rules and from rules that can save us from error, the final word may be useful for my writing who read it.


Taufiq Rilhardin
From bedroom in meruya selatan, kecamatan kembangan, jakarta barat.

Taufiq rilhardin writing part 9

Trying to Make Good Quality Sleep

After perform daily activities in next beautiful place to rest is a bedroom and the most appropriate place to unwind after a day of activity would be beautiful if done before rest in bedroom to do it personal hygiene in the bathroom. after that unwind in the bedroom because it was fresh after a shower and a good time to rest his body in the bedroom.
Sometimes before start to rest in the bedroom or while resting was heading for a deep sleep that i felt as a writer there are problems coming disturb my self like the voice of telephone, a friend who comes to home or other sleep disorders like insomnia because many thoughts in my head. my opinion to start for good quality sleep is like reading books, watching television is like watching a good news that we like it or watching our favorite movies.
Disorders that make sleep quality is not good in my opinion like the noise of music, people talking in a loud tone of voice, the voice of television will disrupt before making good quality sleep because the sound of music, people talking with a loud tone from voice as well as the voice of television within distance is not far or near from the bedroom can interfere before the start of sleep and to make sleep soundly or to make good quality sleep when there was silence situation.
Tranquil or silence situation will be obtained when the time entered at ten or eleven o’clock at night because between that time it becomes the right atmosphere for the start to sleep for adults. but for children my opinion better before ten o’clock at night where been resting in the bedroom and my opinion sleeping early for adults and children will bring good benefits such as quantity and quality of sleep is good. but for an adult if there is still work that has not been resolved where must be sleep late into the night after doing these activities should be able to change the rest time after doing activity in the night before with hours that has been set.
The situation on the night that disturb sleep quality was when forgot to turn off the lights according my opinion as author where light interference can be annoying when going to sleep and other sleep disorders such as at midnight between twelve o’clock or one o’clock in the night when will urinating so to start sleeping again will difficult. possible to start a sleep after disturbed with urinating in the middle of the night is with clutching pillows or bolsters in the hoping to sleep quickly.
After getting out of bed in the morning the best time is when drinking warm tea, unsweetened tea, white milk or chocolate milk for me as a writer orange juice is my favorite drink at any time either in the morning, noon or night after that eating chicken porridge or as usual call “bubur ayam”, fried rice with scrambled eggs after that for dessert it would be delicious to eat fruits such as orange, sapodilla fruit, banana, watermelon fruit but should not be too much to eat in the morning because if too full stomach was stomach feels uneasy. for the last word and hopefully people who read my writings can create good quality sleep.

My Habit and Favorite Foods

One of the inherent nature to me is the habit of daily living and some of the habits where still attached to me are reading, eating, singing, listening to music, sweeping floors, mopping floors, washing dishes, watching television, playing computer and a correspondent with a pen friend.
Because until now i am not worked or unemployment so i have more time to channel some of my habits or hobbies such as singing. usually when i have free time where I do is sing by imitating the original singer’s voice and with one of that way can make my heart happy to imitate the sound my favorite singer. after that record of my self using a handycam and the other habits that i have are sweeping the floor, mopping floors and washing dishes and I do it that to make my house looks clean.
After that now to continue talk about my favorite foods and drink, my opinion life will be wonderful when i felt the food that I eat and that’s something beautiful imagination about a foods inside my mind. for the food I have a favorite food where i am eat since i was a child and that is “Lontong sayur”, “Ketupat Sayur”, chicken noodle, noodles with meatballs, somay, batagor, bakwan fries, fried soyabean using flour or as usual call “tempe goreng menggunakan tepung”, fried tofu or as usual call “tahu goreng”, nasi padang with chicken grilled and pizza.  for the pizza i rarely eat because is too expensive with the size of finances i have.  and for the drink I like to drink ice cold sweet tea, ice mix or as usual call “es campur”, melon ice, ice soursop, coconut ice, grass jelly ice or as usual call “es cincau”, ice cendol. in the morning time my daily life at home usually eat chicken porridge or as usual call “bubur ayam” every morning where passing in front of my house but if in my home a lot food and i am lazy to eat chicken porridge (bubur ayam) so i do not buy chicken porridge (bubur ayam) where pass in front of my house.
My current favorite food is “Lontong Sayur” because “lontong sayur” taste so delicious and where eat delicious “lontong sayur” in the same time drink sweet iced tea that will add to the full enjoyment of “lontong sayur”. besides “lontong sayur” that I like now is “nasi padang” and things most I like from the “nasi padang” when eating “nasi padang” where the rice is warm and with side dishes is green chillies , vegetables, jackfruit, cassava leaves with grilled chicken and accompanied with sweet iced tea drink that would complement delicious of “nasi padang”.
When talk about the food is so wonderful flavors that are in the head after every meal seemed to want to add more foods again but it must be remembered also must be not too much to eat because had feared when weight gain will be many different kinds of diseases that settle within ourselves. the most important addition to maintaining healthy bodies and healthy bodies is a priceless treasure.
Besides “lontong sayur” and “nasi padang” my self also like food made by my father and mother, my father made ​​a very delicious rendang but a lot of delicious food made ​by my father such fried “tales bogor” or as usual call “tales bogor goreng”, fried bananas or as usual call “pisang goreng”, fried anchovies or as usual call “ikan teri goreng”, salted fish or as usual call “ikan asin”, etc.
My mother made ​​delicious foods too and foods made by ​​my mother that I like such as  meat stews or as usual call “semur daging”, meat balado, tamarind vegetable or as usual call “sayur asem”, fried soyabean or as usual call “tempe goreng”, fried tofu or as usual call “tahu goreng”, spaghetti, macaroni schotel, etc and for the drink now i love the sweet iced tea with lots of ice, mixed ice and coconut ice feels so delicious especially drink in midday when the wheather is warm or hot. and then drinking sweet iced tea, mixed ice (es campur), coconut ice and delicious for the drink will be felt when the coldness of ice enter into the throat and stomach, but must be careful when drink sweet iced tea, mixed ice and coconut ice as if it’s too sweet and make our self so fear is diabetes desease so once again, although many of the foods we like and the most important always take care for healthy our body, for the last word i hope my writing is useful for myself and the people who read.

The First Fasting in 2012

Today is my first fasting with the family because three years ago I was never fasting with my family and this is the most memorable experience where my first dawn or “sahur” with the father, mother, young brother, sister-in-law and my nephew. atmosphere in dining room table is very delight at the same time delicious foods and drink ready to eat with all member of my family because the food made ​​my father and mother were very good especially there of warm tea as a friend to eat.
In fasting this year i started on friday precisely at the twenty of july 2012 and the atmosphere was more beautiful because in the same time in where the day to perform friday prayers and the fasting month of this is making me happy because can be gathered together with the family at home. I finally realized that gathered together with family is joy of life that can not be valuable.
When entering the month of ramadhan during fasting or iftar there is my favorite food and drink for the food i love the grilled chicken, sauce or as usual call “sambel” and vegetables next for the drink i like to drink warm tea, ice coconut, fruit ice and ice syrup. but I have to be careful to drinking sweet because if too much sugar will cause diabetes desease.
Problem for my self after breaking the fast or iftar where i felt sleepy eyes and the stomach was stuffed full of foods because at the time of the month of fasting, although eat less but in the stomach feel full and my opinion that’s beautiful of ramadhan but the mood inside my heart always feel happy because the beautiful of fasting in the month of ramadan where gather together with all family members.
Moment for month of Ramadan I use well as possible because I was afraid not to meet the next month ramadhan again and day by day in the month of ramadan I used to prayer and gather with my family in fact the month of ramadan is a month which is very beautiful in my life and makes my heart happy.
Before breaking the fast where in spare time I’m doing is playing computer and learn english language through songs or learn from article in every media. in the same time the scent of food wafted up to my bedroom where smelled so good and I very like this moment where waiting breaking fast or iftar for the month of ramadan. in my opinion is gather with the family while breaking the fast or iftar is the most beautiful moment.
Month of Ramadan today was wonderful because I can gather together with my family while breaking the fast or iftar and in the fasting month the atmosphere is wonderful where everyday can feel delicious foods made in my father and mother with additional warm tea and cold drink. basically everyday my eat foods made in my father and mother but in month of ramadhan everything little bit different .
The most impressive is when the dawn of time because after the dawn call to morning prayer can be heard reverberating dawn and it’s time to morning prayer and for the last word use ramadhan moment to prayer and use every time to gather together with family or iftar with family because we don’t know whether it can meet next month of ramadan or not.


Taufiq Rilhardin
I write this from my bedroom in meruya selatan, kecamatan kembanga, jakarta barat.

Taufiq rilhardin writing part 8

Advantage to Use English Language in Daily Interactions

In our daily lives we are going to meet a wide range of people with various characteristics such as hot-tempered people, quiet people, people are impatient, selfish people, people who dare, people who fear dealing with something.
For the era of globalization the need for proficiency in english language is very important because in the era of globalization we will meet people from different countries using the english language. and the advantages when learning english is can make a money for ourselves when we understand about the english language and making money from learning english or understand about the english language for the example to teach english language to other person where don’t know about english language and the results from other person will pay us for our services to teach english language.
The hardest part of learning english when the first time or start in learning the English language but with the passage of time studying the english language will be fun and easy for those who had taken control of the english language and will be hard learning english language for people who rarely use english language in their daily lives.
When we have difficulties in learning the english language we can join or register in English courses because when we learn the english language course there is a lot of science that we can got from the teachers who have taught us in the english language and one more advantage when we joined the english language courses it will add more again our friends in the daily interactions.
My opinion as a writer in learning the english language can be learned from various sources such as register english language courses but if register in english courses is expensive we can learn from listening music with english language, write a letter to pen pal in the overseas where have ability in english language and practice speaking with a foreign citizen who has the ability to speak english in that way will add benefit to our ability to speak english and for the other benefit we can fluently with speaking, reading and writing in english language.
Advantage in learning english is can add more a friend with foreign nationals who may ultimately provide benefits for ourselves like our english language skills can be honed very well and add more to the vocabulary in english language for us as well when looking for a job would be easier if use english language.
When experiencing problems with the english language there is many way to solve a problems like read more on english lessons or consultation with the english teacher. because my opinion there is a lot of words in the English language to be learned and interact or relate well with the English teachers will increase our knowledge about the English language.
Before learning something like english language my opinion is the best way to pray because prayer will answer all the problems we are facing and do not forget to always ask for prayers from both parents to be given the ease in learning.  my opinion prayers of parents is crucial in supporting our desire to learn something. for the last word wish my writing is useful for my self and people who read.

Picturesque of Fasting in The Holy Month of Ramadan

The atmosphere was very beautiful when in the holy month of fasting for ramadan and the atmosphere will feel when breaking the fast and eat before fasting or as usual call “sahur” can get together with family at home and most memorable moment when the holy month when breaking the fast is where the food for iftar served was delicious after iftar continued with tarawih prayer in the mosque.
Usually i am doing after eat before fasting or as usual call “sahur” is followed by morning prayer or “shalat subuh” and slept until awakened at noon and when my self wake up in daytime as usual going to bath and prayers noon or “shalat dhuhur”. then while waiting for iftar my self usually play computer or watch television and that I like from television shows before breaking the fast are many Islamic programs on the television show that aired and it really helped me in adding to knowledge.
Atmosphere is very pleasant when approached time iftar in which many sellers of food and drink where wide variety of foods that are sold like banana compote or as usual call “kolak pisang”, ice cendol, grass jelly ice or as usual call “es cincau”, ice mix or as usual call “es campur”, pudding, fried soyabean or as usual call “tempe gorengan”, fried tofu or as usual call “tahu goreng”, lontong , lemper, risoles , fried bakwan or as usual call “bakwan goreng”, etc
When breaking the fast come is the most beautiful moment when can break the fast together with both parents and can feel the food made ​​my father and mother. atmosphere will be complete when breaking the fast with a drink of coconut ice with syrup or cucumber suri ice or as usual call “es timun suri” with syrup.
Inside my heart is always happy when entered the holy month of ramadan because family relationships can be well maintained and in the holy month of ramadhan my self trying to become a better person than before. and often feel ashamed of myself when remember the mistakes that ever done in the past and at the present time I tries to improve for become better human beings.
The ramadan atmosphere every day is always good as they are in the holy month of ramadan for one full month we are trying to keep or not act forbidden by the religion as lying, adultery, vilify others, gambling, etc. and that we should do in life after the holy month of ramadan to keep it do not make mistakes.
Activity is best done in the holy month of Ramadan is reading al Qur’an, listening to lectures in the mosque, reading a book about the religion of Islam and help people who are trouble. in this holy month we try to avoid the conduct proscribed by religion.
In holy month of ramadan will feel beautiful when passed together with family because that makes our hearts glad when all our family members happy and that the reason why family is very important to our life. and in holy month of ramadan we have a lot to make good things to others person so that we are safe in this world and hereafter for the last word wish my writing is usefull for my self and the other person who read.

Honesty and Cleanliness of The Environment

In socializing and in various issues of honesty is a very important issue when i was a child until now I often to lie but when lie will feel a sense of guilt in the sense of hurt a person’s heart by lying and what ever happened the lie is a bad taste in my heart but when we honest in all sorts of things will feel a joy of life that can not be valued to the money.
In the trade if we do lie the result one hundred percent from that lie the effect people will not believe it back to us especially a problem with money even if we lie only twenty five rupiah of the smallest money from coin people will not believe to us so in trade relations with other people should be careful not to lie to people about money.
Now we empathize what if we lied about money to others person and people we lied will feel angry, annoyed, muttering to inside heart from disappointment, hatred inside the hearts from the people who lied to him so also if we are being lied to someone else the result will be angry, annoyed, muttering inside heart from disappointment , hatred inside hearts because the people who lie to us so we have to fight ourselves so as not to lie because often times there is evil in ourselves and the biggest enemy is inside our own self as we have to fight the feeling lazy, hate in others , a liar / cheater, immoral, etc.
As a writer i hope so long as life should strive to useful for our self, families as well as others and useful meaning for our self is able to meet basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter and can be useful for families with try to make happy family especially our parents for the last can be useful for the others people like to help people who are starving, help the poor people, help nursing homes, help to orphanage, etc.
For the last subject will talk about the cleanliness and we can apply to the smallest scope that is our own home with every day mop floors, clean the dust on the carpet, clean the spider nest, clean up dust on glass , tables, wall display, furbish bathroom, etc.
After doing a clean house and give home air freshener that make us feel comfortable in home and guest who visit to our home can feel comfortable because the atmosphere at home is clean and the feeling to take a rest and to learn to be comfortable.
Hygiene at home would be wonderful if we had vehicle like a motorcycle or car when it looks clean will be good in view and make every room in the car looks clean because when the car looks clean feels good to get into the car and to drive the car.
My opinion clean start from the smallest things like cleaning the house, cars and motorcycles that will be wonderful to see and feel if cleanliness is always maintained, sometimes my self feels lazy to cleaning but i trying to get myself to keep it cleaning every room in the house as well as clean the car and motorcycle.


Taufiq Rilhardin
I write this from my bedroom in meruya selatan, kecamatan kembangan, jakarta barat.

Taufiq rilhardin writing part 7

The Benefits of Napping and Advantage Sleep

As a writer i often less sleep at night and the result was during the day I’ll be sleepy so i did was sleep in the daytime, although my sleep time during the day there was not much but i am pleased to be able to sleep during the day and after I read the article it turns out a napping is good for your health and research results also prove a napping can be sharpen memories and here is a clue as to the quality of a napping :
1. 10 minutes
napping for 10 minutes directly removes stiffness and improve the work of the brain for at least 2.5 hours. While if only 5 minutes, useless.

2.20 minutes
The benefits will increase your reaction speed in doing the job of counting. However, of course the effect is not imminent. At least it took 35 minutes to neutralize the brain condition after waking from sleep.
3.30 minutes
At first you will feel sleepy, but for 5 minutes then you will be more alert and mentally fresh for as long as 90 minutes. But, sleeping for 10 minutes is better, to avoid any unpleasant effects from too much sleep.
4.45-90 minutes
For 45-90 minutes you towards sleep, but without a complete sleep cycle to complete. “Your body will feel more uneasy after waking, compared to before going to sleep,” said Dr. w. Christopher Winter.
5.90-110 Minutes
The average sleep cycle people less than 90 minutes, the ideal time to take a napping with quite a long time. If the napping more than that time, chances are the signs of sleep disorders, says Dr. Winter. [tempointeraktif]
Source :
Do you often stay up late, watching TV, studying or just chatting maybe? be careful, lack of sleep not only might cause you to flunk in exams, but it also can make you eat too much and worst of all…fail to grow.
let’s face it, with 24 hour TV, live soccer games in the small hours of morning, cramming for an exam, mountains of school assignments, midnight shows in the cinemas, hanging out in cafes that open till past midnight, lots of us are not sleeping enought. we all know that our mind and body need to rest after a day full of activities. but most people still underestimate the fact that sleeping is very crucial to healt and productivity. many people think they can do with only a few hours of sleep every night; they go to bed late at night and wake up early in the morning, sleeping for only 4 - 5 hours. but this kind of lifestyle may prove dangerous. let’s see just how important sleeping is :
  • Sleep-deprived people (those who don’t get enough sleep) do badly in tests that require speed and accuracy. their reflex and ability to perform coordinated functions such as driving weaken. that’s why it is very dangerous to drive when you feel drowsy. when something happens, for example a blown tire, your tired brain may not go immediately into action to take the necessary steps.

  • The brain re-organizes its network during sleep, getting rid of short-term memory (like what you eat for lunch, what you see on the street, etc) and strengthening long-term memory. that’s why when you have an exam at school, it’s better to study then get enough sleep, rather than to stay up all night. sleeping will help our brain store the information that you’ve just acquired.

  • When a person doesn’t get enough sleep, his body loses a hormone called leptin. with the level of leptin decreasing, the person will crave food high in carbohydrate, although he is already full.

  • People who don’t sleep enough suffer a decrease in immune system. the number of their blood cells drops. that’s why they can easily come down with an illness.
  • The body releases growth hormone during periods of deep sleep, about 30-45 minutes after falling asleep. the amount of hormone released during sleep is biggest during puberty and begins to drop at the age of 33-40. although a person’s height and body shape are determined by many factors (like nutrition, exercise and genetics), it is still a good idea to get plenty of sleep so you can really make the best of your growing period. but what about those of us who sometimes have to turn in late? it’s OK to stay up late sometimes, but you’d better make up the sleep loss immediately, for example during the weekend. if you anticipating a late night, try to take a nap for 20-30 minutes.
For the last word as a write i wish my writing is useful for evey people who read and please give feedback to the author if there is useful information for authors.

Feelings are boring when unemployed and don’t have money

When the unemployed and did not have the money the atmosphere around feels boring because if we want to do a thing does not have the money and usually during idle or unemployeed that I do as a writer only silence or stay at home while looking for a job in the newspaper and internet are ultimately waiting time elapsed from morning to night and finally start back tomorrow with the same day with before.
Activities that I did during my unemployed started the morning with a waiting call for the work interview from the job application that I have previously sent and at the same time send job applications to various companies where sends by mail and e-mail and in the evening take a break while you watch television and sleep at night.
To make my self busy so as not to get bored at home in ways often make sweet iced tea and I drink at lunch or in the evening and in the morning or in the evening I like to ride my bike to the internet cafes where internet caf├ęs belonging to my friend and in the internet cafe my activity is send a job application and listen to my favorite music on the website after finishing playing the internet I came home and rested back while waiting for the phone call for  job interview or accept for work in an enterprise or company.
usually each day to spend time at home that I do watch television, surf the net in the bedroom and make a cool drink to refresh my thirst and if the atmosphere is getting bored at home I usually call my friend just for simply chatting about things that are going on with myself and talk about anything.
During unemployed I love writing articles and perhaps writing is one of my hobbies because when a problem is inside my self where pour in writing then my heart will calm because the problem had me tell with writing to people who have read my writing and my expectations of people who have read my writings give a positive input whose results can create the good impact for my self.
Actually i like during unemployed is my time to meet up with my family more but on one side at this moment i am unemployed in the same time i don’t have money and to issue money should think several times because I need to save or economize money on spending an everyday.
Perhaps i was very lucky in a state of the unemployment i can eat everyday because help from my family and can be gathered together with a family where i love and I am quoting from this lesson that the family is the happiness and a priceless treasure with anything.
To ward off boredom during unemployment then i did was do a positive activities such as writing about anything on the internet, watch television, read a newspaper, sleep and helps parents like sweeping the floor, mop floors, wash dishes, bowls, spoons, forks and glasses.

Activity at My House Before The Feast of Eid al-Fitr

Activities in my home the most i like is when approaching Eid because there are some activities done in my house as did my mother make cakes and foods where will served to guests who come to my house at the feast of Eid al-Fitr.  as well as clean room of the house such as cleaning the room guests, cleaning bedroom, etc.
Usually before the feast of Eid my mom likes to bake “kastengel” and cook “opor ayam”, “sayur buat ketupat” but I like it when the day of Eid there is food like fried chicken, “sate ayam”, “rawon” and for drink on the day of Eid i love the ice fruit or as usual call “es buah”, “es melon” and orange juice with ice or as usual call “jus jeruk dengan es”.  but this time that food is still in my fantasy and I hope that foods can be realized on the day of Eid because I think the presence of these foods will add to the wonderful atmosphere of the day Eid al-Fitr feast at my house.
One day before Eid usually my father cook “rendang” and “rendang” made my father is very good, usually a day or two days before Eid activities at my home is busy with cooking activities.  and I am usually looking for foods and drink in traditional market or supermarket also are to be prepared on the day of Eid because of my desire Eid plenty of food and cold drinks are available.
My family activity usually when i was a child before the feast of Eid I’ve been looking for new clothes for Eid with my mother, brother, young brother and youngest brother, but now that every my sibling has been adult all the activities of buying a new clothes and pants doing with ​​individually.  and when i was a child i see usually one or two days before the feast of Eid fitri the place of shopping will seen crowded because people shopping for need the feast of Eid al-Fitr.
When i was a child one or two days before Eid usually my family in my home is preparing goods for going vacation such as clothes, food, medicines and put in the car.  usually my family and my parents friends vacation out of town use a car and usually my family and my parents friends holiday to the area of Java especially there is a beach.  because most of my family and maybe my parent friend love to swim at the beach too so to looking for a place to vacation there is usually a beach.
The approaching Eid this year from the far distant day my mother has been making cakes exactly eleven days before Eid my mother has begun for installments made  the cake.  and my mother make a cake from the far distant day because the next activity will easy or not hard so that one or two days before Eid so that subsequent activities to make a cake again are not so heavy. and for the last word wish my writing is useful for my self and people who read.


Taufiq Rilhardin
I write this from my bedroom in meruya selatan, kecamatan kembangan, jakarta barat.

Taufiq rilhardin writing part 6

Advantages of Socializing

Socializing is indeed needed in the life of an individual. Of course to add a friend or memperkenal one’s character. Thus, we will be increasingly familiar and can help each other each other. Closer to the environment can add insight and zoom in for a profit. There are several advantages of socializing that we can get.
The first is to multiply friend.  with have many friends indeed benefit in addition to we can get to know a wide variety of characters, will also expand its knowledge-sharing with each other. In addition, it will have more info about the job, task or specific activities.
Second is get a job. A job can also be retrieved or got from the establishment of a good socialization. With socialize will open our minds about existing circumstances surrounding our environment, that there may be a job that we can and we should strive for. Do not let that opportunity is wasted in a manner based on keys to success that you hold.
The third is able to provide jobs on a friend in need of a job. If we had a company then socialization will help to obtain new employment, and will certainly widen the business we run so the success will come. And with the influx of new labor will certainly improve the quality of economy around without any conscious we also reduce unemployment figures.
Fourth were expand insight. Socialization will impact both if we are clever in selecting the proper environment. Choose a good environment will open new insights in our brain that automatically records all incoming news if we menyimaknya carefully. The more extensive insight we then we are getting smarter in choosing the environment and follow the info where we will hear.
Fifth is learning to appreciate others. Respect for others is indeed very necessary in socializing because mutual respect will develop mutual responses between one and the other. But as I’ve discussed in the past postings, we must learn to appreciate ourself prior to appreciate others.
That’s just some of the advantages a good socializing. All odds are sourced from good socialization, so continue to socialize with the environment around you. (Source :
- Many Friends Make You Healthier and socialise for the sake of your health
One of the best secrets for health and longevity? Having a strong social network that includes siblings, friends, and other relationships. These are just a few reasons why you should prioritize family and friends.
- Making A Rare Illness
In one study, people with more diverse social relationships are less sensitive to cold than those who are socially isolated.
- Make sleep better
Lonely makes a person hard to sleep, according to research at the University of Chicago suggest: the more lonely you are, the more you insomnia.
- Stay Sharp
Have a strong social support can reduce the risk of cognitive decline, according to several studies.
- Live longer
People with a stronger social relationships is 50% more likely to live longer compared to the social relations that are not strong, the 2010 analysis found. That makes the impact of ‘ friends ‘ is not much of comparable to that of smoking.
For the last word i hope my writing may come in handy or useful for people who have read my writing and I hope there is a positive input in order to make my writing better.

The Negative Impact of Free Association

Today we should take care in choosing a friend because if we choose wrong friend or bad person the result we will fall into the Association isn’t right so when we meet new people’s and the most important thing should be assessing that person in terms of the words or conduct of a person who is the first we known and should be analysed in advance about such person because it could be people who look good as a result of the bad guys and so instead people look not very good the result is a good guy but there was also a look very good result is a good guy as well and vice versa who comes to no good result indeed people not good.
In the present era a variety of information can easily be in the know of the various source either from the internet, newspapers, magazines and books in a source of information that we can positively impact will make a favor to ourselves but if information we can negatively affect the result surely will be detrimental to our own may be destroying our lives.
As for the positive impact that either affect ourselves as information science that we can from the internet, newspapers, magazines, books and friends who always helps when we’re there is trouble on the contrary negative effects that can affect us as free association, free sex, narcotics, abortion, embezzlement of the vehicle and the other is not good actions which ultimately very detrimental to ourselves.
The negative impact of free association is very detrimental to us the results of which can destroy our future that will eventually create a disappointed our families like the family being embarrassed by negative deeds we do. so before the negative life adversely affecting ourselves then we should learn about the life of negative that can harm ourselves so that we don’t fall into a negative association.
Choose good friends is very important in influencing our lives in order to undertake activities on the positive Association friends and avoid friend with bad personality in order to avoid a negative association, but if we meet the friend with bad personality should endeavour to bring to a good association or invite positive activities such as learning, help people in distress and bring bad person are closer to the teachings of the religion in order to become better.
So in fear now is about free association that negatively affect such as free sex and narcotic because when someone has fall to free association with negatively impact for future results will be destroyed so to hang out with friends old and new should be careful in the present era so as not to fall into the negative association and the way out or the solution is should be more close to ourselves on religious teachings to always on the path to a positive one.
In my opinion sometimes that makes people fall into free association that eventually became a negative association may be due to the insistence of or minimal economic problems so that the person can be influenced by people who are not good.
When someone has already lapsed into free association or negative association that eventually his life would be ruined and samples as small as cigarette smoking at a young age and then exposed to free sex because of insistence or minimal economic after that do it negative think like abortion and  eventually could occur if the mind is dizzy because a lot of problem in his mind which eventually lapsed into narcotic.
For my last word as the author can only say stay away from free association or association negative and approach ourselves with such positive association like comply with the rules of religion so as not to fall into the negative association and do positive activities such as learning from various source of knowledge that will eventually bring goodness to ourselves.


Taufiq Rilhardin
I write this from meruya selatan, kecamatan kembangan, jakarta barat.

Taufiq rilhardin writing part 5

Struggle for Life

When i was a kid I did not feel the burden of living a very tough because I thinking as a kid just playing with friends, going back to home, food on the table to eat when hungry, sleep and go to school the next day. it was beautiful because my self thought only of pleasure by playing with friends and when school holidays come the most fun can go on vacation out of town with your beloved family.
After entering adolescence which starts from junior high school until senior high school levels of the heavy burden of learning to be learned and lessons learned in school or repeat the lesson at school that has been learned at home more time to be improved because there is some a difficult lesson to catch in the head that must be learned again at home in order to better understand about lesson from school and the results is when playing at home with friends should be reduced because must be concentrations learn at home with the wish can understand all lesson from school .
When entering the senior high school level that occurs over the quality of learning must be increased again because of the burden of higher for focus learning and the more the high degree of difficulty that school lessons should be learned again more deeply. when entering the upper secondary school level the main thing in mind is to better understand the lessons in school and preparing to enter college.
The most exciting moment was when entering the college level because in university there is a lot of science departments or major faculty can be entering from various major faculty which must be learned and should be a higher concentration in order to understand the lessons where got from lecturer or books. after entering the education level at college so I have to work harder to study because of the knowledge obtained from the college are very useful at a later date and at the time of entering college must think in order to graduate from college due to graduate from college is not easy. and when I was studying at college I attended English language courses and the results are very useful in the future.
The most difficult moment when I entered the working world because from the world of work very need in demand to have a high ability to master or expert in a field such as mathematicians, chemistry, physics, languages ​​etc. and to compete with other candidates to enter the job I want. the results that I see only people who have a high ability to enter the working world is very easy if want reach a good position and reach salary in accordance with the wishes. at the time of entering the work world will be felt how hard to find money and in the past. when I was child only easy a got money from my parents like by reaching out hand will get the money from my parents, although a value of money i got from parents is not big and in the past without thinking about how to make money or earn money. at this point I realized how hard it was to my parents in search of money and I realized how important it is to learn as a child to adulthood.
For the last word of my writing may be useful for myself and the others who read it.

Car embezzlement

In August of 2012 I was  unfortunate as writer got disaster where that I entrusted my car to the car rental where with not responsible people taken away and in disappeared in the loss of my car there is a story is made for or there is lie story ​​so that make a lie story as will can make the cars disappear taken away / run people and the type of my car is daihatsu xenia with the year 2010 and my license plates is B 1313 BFZ with the colour is black with on behalf of  “Taufiq Rilhardin”.
whereas the analysis from my self where my car is not stolen people but in embezzled by persons who are not responsible, and when I spoke to the first party /  person from the owner car rent i can feels very lie statement/ lie word.
Chronology of the disappearance of my car was at the beginning of March 2012 I entrust cars leased to rental car without a written agreement but use belief system from March 2012 until the beginning of August, I was a car rental payments are ultimately smoothly on the 9th August I lost my car. and the begining story of my car stolen is the first my car Leave or entrust to rent to the first people as the owner for rental car.
After that from the first person or the owner of rental cars in rent to rent for second people who are not suspected of a second person loaned / leased my car to the third people where as suspects who stole my car and which I think is against the rules or break a rules from the second people borrow again to a third person who brought fled / ran my car and from the testimony of the second people after talking with my self and the answer is relationship between second person and a third person is close relatives and whatever happens I think the first with the second person must be responsible for the loss of my car. essentially had to replace my car because car rental transactions only up to the two parties and I do not know the third person.
My opinion something that impossible at all from the first person and the second person does not know the whereabouts of my car and I think they certainly have known about the identity perpetrator or the identity of the third person before renting my car because relationship between second people and third people is close and they know each other before.
With my analysis that is impossible if something transaction of a second person with the easy give / lend valuable item to the stranger person where don’t know before and my opinion they to know each other before for the long time that’s why from the second person trust to the third person who stolen my car. and possibility there is not third person actually there is only storyline from both person and the point is third-person may only fiction or storyline from the first people and second people.
And that make my self was not happy the first person with hands off or are not responsible for the loss of my car and with ease or relaxed the first person and second person seemed with like there is no problem, without long thinking in september 2012 my self direct report to the police and tell the police about incident what happened to my car because I’m afraid if my self do not tell the police that my car could be made ​​of the crime but car registration (STNK) is in the name of my self if there is case of crimes use my car where has been stolen or embezzlement before which I eventually will be asked details for information where I do not know about the crime after was reported to police about car embezzlement after that my heart feel calm because I had reported the car embezzlement and loss of my car.
Finally my car plate number on the block until the car found. and that makes very not responsible again where those who rent out my car or first person from the owner of rental car did not tell the police about when the time the loss of my car and my opinion from the first should have anticipated when there is lost of my car or my car has been stolen and quickly go to the police but what happened instead of my own self as the car owner reported to police and in my opinion this is because 100% of the rent parties or the first person as the owner car rental has been wrong once so afraid to go to the police to report because the first person or the owner car rental is very wrong.
And when my car lost the first person does not quickly reported to me about loss / stolen my car in which first person sides blame the second person and in my opinion a both person like first person and second person should be responsible for the loss of my car perhaps the first person thought with there is no letters written agreement with me as the owner of the car it will be not entangled the law but the case will be otherwise if the case has revealed the evil doers will experience severe problems such as embezzlement car case.
Everyday my self just hope the first person with the second person can be stressful and thoughts in the head about for his crime for embezzling / stealing / thief / steal my car and I hope the first person with the second person to tell about the whereabouts of my car and must be give hard pressure to the first person and second person so make quickly admitted that the whereabouts of my car because if speaks well from first person and second person will be relaxed and do not say where my car and I think this is a crime once and very evil this person.
Day after day I hope that there is progression / bright spots for the loss of my car and that makes me upset until now the first person and second person don’t have confessed the whereabouts of my car because if don’t make harsh interrogation to that person where don’t responsible with my car maybe first person and second person will relaxed without any burden of thinking and it seems like the bad guys like this should be the action hardened that makes no make that mistake again and if we speak smooth or well to the both person (first person and second person) may be considered the wind and hopefully in a few days or a fast time my car can be found. amin.
Taufiq Rilhardin
I write this article from my bedroom in meruya selatan, kecamatan kembangan, jakarta barat.

Taufiq rilhardin writing part 4

Friday Afternoon until Tonight

Friday was a beautiful day because in day of Friday the nice things when finished Friday prayers further action is break at home, maybe it will feel wonderful when the midday heat while drinking sweet iced tea at the same time watching television at home.
Time after Friday prayers will be running very fast towards the afternoon before the turn of time the afternoon to the night and will feel the beautiful atmosphere at the turn of time afternoon and night, usually on a Friday night activity I do is watch television while looking for information jobs in internet media.
Mostly on friday if there is free time beside watching television that I usually do is write about anything for example like to write about my daily lives that I experienced and wrote about food that I like or write about the health benefits but if my eyes are so sleepy that I did to finish my writing and finally made ​​my writing on the next day.
As usual on Friday night was quiet for a few hours before going into Saturday and Sunday where a beautiful day for a vacation or rest at home and usually on Saturday and Sunday I am doing at home resting, eating and drinking sweet iced tea or cold water.
Friday is the most beautiful day to do everything like get together at home with family, eating and drinking like ice cold sweet tea and the other foods. Friday afternoon the day will be wonderful too when resting in the bedroom, reading newspapers and watching television on the evening of the most beautiful thing before bed at night is don’t forget to drink a glass of warm milk.
On Friday night at my family and I usually sleep at ten o’clock at night because when you wake up on Saturday morning the body will feel refreshed because of the quality of sleep in previous days has been good and the most fun when walking in the morning around the house while breathing air in the morning.
Because now I am unemployed so Friday afternoon until late evening is the time to devote my hobby to writing in the day Friday afternoon there is lot of things to write like for example in Friday afternoon as many kids playing ball in the park and the located is in front of my house and in friday afternoon  also many selling food around my house like a sell meatball with cart, seller somay with cart, etc.
My activities as unemployment is filled with writing about anything, applying for jobs, watching television, reading newspapers, etc., but if it has been entered Friday my heart will feel happy because the next day is a holiday and a good time to write that at the start of the afternoon until the evening when they entered the night time that is convenient for writing and a quiet moment to think about everything.
After doing writing activities on Friday nights, the activities in the end with sleep but if I cannot a sleep on Friday night and then I did was watch television with the hope that I can fast a sleep but basicly i can sleep after watching television and i am not forget to turn off television because if i am not turn off television and then  television noise will disturb my self when sleep.
I hope my writing is useful for myself and the people who read my writing.

Sunday Night In My Room

In the atmosphere is quiet on a Sunday in my room I feel calm and beautiful place to rest my room every day a room is my favorite place in a variety of activities such as playing Internet while in same time sending job applications to various companies, drinking a glass of ice cold sweet tea , listen to music from the computer and watching television before bed. My favorite is usually watching television at night because of the film on television at night is nice but if there is not my favorite movie so that I do is sleep and fast sleep I usually do sleep fast when I have a job interview appointment, employment test, medical check up or appointments with my friends to meet.
My activity in the room is not so much but I just spent a lot of time in front of my computer to look for work and sometimes I feel tired because of too many job applications that I must send, but inevitably I have to do for the good of myself. The most I do not like when the job calls for interview or work test that is far for me to reach from my house to place where i must job interview or work test, I was lazy at all if the actual place of job interview or test work so far away from my house and must dressing change vehicle on public transport. and the most I do not like along the way will breathe dirty air that will eventually have an effect is not good to me.
When my body feels tired from going out of a place so fast that I do maybe I’ll sleep under at ten o’clock at night, but if my body has not felt so tired that I do is surf the net or watching television. usually when the body feels tired the day will be beautiful when are accompanied by a glass of sweet iced tea and basicly sweet iced tea is my favorite drink because the beverage is made ​​easy and taste is good but be careful if you have diabetes because it would be dangerous.
If I had a lot of thought or every day often got problems to sleep and the solutions to make sleep early by the way watching television, playing internet or read newspapers. but if the way is still not resolved then I will hug a pillow to my head to make my self feel comfortable and if my self still could not sleep well then I will try to close my eyes and think of the beautiful fantasy like to eat ice cream, chicken noodle, eat somay, eat empek empek and the other.
Every so often when I play internet like fall asleep at the computer and sometimes I forget to turn off the television but if there’s noise and bright light the results are sleeping I do not feel well. I did end up turning off lights, computers are still on and the television still on and I will feel well when there was silence and quiet after that when wake up in the morning in the fresh state as well as fun doing various activities in various places.
For the last word of my writing may be useful to myself and useful to people who read my writing.
Taufiq Rilhardin
I write this in my bedroom, meruya selatan, kembangan, jakarta barat