Senin, 24 Desember 2012

Taufiq rilhardin writing part 5

Struggle for Life

When i was a kid I did not feel the burden of living a very tough because I thinking as a kid just playing with friends, going back to home, food on the table to eat when hungry, sleep and go to school the next day. it was beautiful because my self thought only of pleasure by playing with friends and when school holidays come the most fun can go on vacation out of town with your beloved family.
After entering adolescence which starts from junior high school until senior high school levels of the heavy burden of learning to be learned and lessons learned in school or repeat the lesson at school that has been learned at home more time to be improved because there is some a difficult lesson to catch in the head that must be learned again at home in order to better understand about lesson from school and the results is when playing at home with friends should be reduced because must be concentrations learn at home with the wish can understand all lesson from school .
When entering the senior high school level that occurs over the quality of learning must be increased again because of the burden of higher for focus learning and the more the high degree of difficulty that school lessons should be learned again more deeply. when entering the upper secondary school level the main thing in mind is to better understand the lessons in school and preparing to enter college.
The most exciting moment was when entering the college level because in university there is a lot of science departments or major faculty can be entering from various major faculty which must be learned and should be a higher concentration in order to understand the lessons where got from lecturer or books. after entering the education level at college so I have to work harder to study because of the knowledge obtained from the college are very useful at a later date and at the time of entering college must think in order to graduate from college due to graduate from college is not easy. and when I was studying at college I attended English language courses and the results are very useful in the future.
The most difficult moment when I entered the working world because from the world of work very need in demand to have a high ability to master or expert in a field such as mathematicians, chemistry, physics, languages ​​etc. and to compete with other candidates to enter the job I want. the results that I see only people who have a high ability to enter the working world is very easy if want reach a good position and reach salary in accordance with the wishes. at the time of entering the work world will be felt how hard to find money and in the past. when I was child only easy a got money from my parents like by reaching out hand will get the money from my parents, although a value of money i got from parents is not big and in the past without thinking about how to make money or earn money. at this point I realized how hard it was to my parents in search of money and I realized how important it is to learn as a child to adulthood.
For the last word of my writing may be useful for myself and the others who read it.

Car embezzlement

In August of 2012 I was  unfortunate as writer got disaster where that I entrusted my car to the car rental where with not responsible people taken away and in disappeared in the loss of my car there is a story is made for or there is lie story ​​so that make a lie story as will can make the cars disappear taken away / run people and the type of my car is daihatsu xenia with the year 2010 and my license plates is B 1313 BFZ with the colour is black with on behalf of  “Taufiq Rilhardin”.
whereas the analysis from my self where my car is not stolen people but in embezzled by persons who are not responsible, and when I spoke to the first party /  person from the owner car rent i can feels very lie statement/ lie word.
Chronology of the disappearance of my car was at the beginning of March 2012 I entrust cars leased to rental car without a written agreement but use belief system from March 2012 until the beginning of August, I was a car rental payments are ultimately smoothly on the 9th August I lost my car. and the begining story of my car stolen is the first my car Leave or entrust to rent to the first people as the owner for rental car.
After that from the first person or the owner of rental cars in rent to rent for second people who are not suspected of a second person loaned / leased my car to the third people where as suspects who stole my car and which I think is against the rules or break a rules from the second people borrow again to a third person who brought fled / ran my car and from the testimony of the second people after talking with my self and the answer is relationship between second person and a third person is close relatives and whatever happens I think the first with the second person must be responsible for the loss of my car. essentially had to replace my car because car rental transactions only up to the two parties and I do not know the third person.
My opinion something that impossible at all from the first person and the second person does not know the whereabouts of my car and I think they certainly have known about the identity perpetrator or the identity of the third person before renting my car because relationship between second people and third people is close and they know each other before.
With my analysis that is impossible if something transaction of a second person with the easy give / lend valuable item to the stranger person where don’t know before and my opinion they to know each other before for the long time that’s why from the second person trust to the third person who stolen my car. and possibility there is not third person actually there is only storyline from both person and the point is third-person may only fiction or storyline from the first people and second people.
And that make my self was not happy the first person with hands off or are not responsible for the loss of my car and with ease or relaxed the first person and second person seemed with like there is no problem, without long thinking in september 2012 my self direct report to the police and tell the police about incident what happened to my car because I’m afraid if my self do not tell the police that my car could be made ​​of the crime but car registration (STNK) is in the name of my self if there is case of crimes use my car where has been stolen or embezzlement before which I eventually will be asked details for information where I do not know about the crime after was reported to police about car embezzlement after that my heart feel calm because I had reported the car embezzlement and loss of my car.
Finally my car plate number on the block until the car found. and that makes very not responsible again where those who rent out my car or first person from the owner of rental car did not tell the police about when the time the loss of my car and my opinion from the first should have anticipated when there is lost of my car or my car has been stolen and quickly go to the police but what happened instead of my own self as the car owner reported to police and in my opinion this is because 100% of the rent parties or the first person as the owner car rental has been wrong once so afraid to go to the police to report because the first person or the owner car rental is very wrong.
And when my car lost the first person does not quickly reported to me about loss / stolen my car in which first person sides blame the second person and in my opinion a both person like first person and second person should be responsible for the loss of my car perhaps the first person thought with there is no letters written agreement with me as the owner of the car it will be not entangled the law but the case will be otherwise if the case has revealed the evil doers will experience severe problems such as embezzlement car case.
Everyday my self just hope the first person with the second person can be stressful and thoughts in the head about for his crime for embezzling / stealing / thief / steal my car and I hope the first person with the second person to tell about the whereabouts of my car and must be give hard pressure to the first person and second person so make quickly admitted that the whereabouts of my car because if speaks well from first person and second person will be relaxed and do not say where my car and I think this is a crime once and very evil this person.
Day after day I hope that there is progression / bright spots for the loss of my car and that makes me upset until now the first person and second person don’t have confessed the whereabouts of my car because if don’t make harsh interrogation to that person where don’t responsible with my car maybe first person and second person will relaxed without any burden of thinking and it seems like the bad guys like this should be the action hardened that makes no make that mistake again and if we speak smooth or well to the both person (first person and second person) may be considered the wind and hopefully in a few days or a fast time my car can be found. amin.
Taufiq Rilhardin
I write this article from my bedroom in meruya selatan, kecamatan kembangan, jakarta barat.

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  1. Visit u back :)
    Be patient, every thing happens for reasons that God has planned.

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