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Taufiq rilhardin writing part 10

How Hard It Is To Earn Some Money If It Does Not Have The Ability in A Particular Field

In the life of the everyday finding money is very difficult for people who do not have the ability in a particular field and the result for find the money have to rotate the brain in order to meet the needs of every day life.
Trouble finding money can be seen in people who don’t have capability in a particular field should be every day applying for a job by sending job applications to various companies whose results no results and this caused because it does not have the ability in a particular field.
But to find a solution for people who do not have the ability to continue to look for a job in any occasion such as finding a job through an ad in the newspaper, internet, etc who must be quickly had to send to the company seeking the employee because if not quickly send the job results that we want the position to be filled with the other person and we should be looking for more from the beginning about the job we want.
The bottom line in my opinion as a writer to find work for those people who do not have the ability to continue to look for a way to find a job and every day to search for information in various media, the internet, etc. and do not despair. as a writer I also feel how difficult looking for job is often the sense of despair comes to my self and in looking for a job where i feel very difficult if don’t have ability but the solution must continue to bend over backwards to the job we want.
As a writer I feel myself often feel dizzy and useless when not having a job but actually it’s just the feeling that we make for ourselves and I think every people is born to Earth is very useful especially to help others who are experiencing difficulty because it is essentially human nature have social.

So when the hard to find or earn money and hard to find work for people who do not have the ability in some field of only one road by way of praying, trying, patient and try to socialize with old friends and new friends in hopes of getting information on jobs that are finally making a good impact for ourselves as we got the work because the information we get from our friends.

When it’s hard looking for work because in that time ourselves as unemployment so our activities more spent at home then to fill the day to get better day with make positive activity like assist the elderly or help our parents, such as sweeping the floor, mop the floor, washing clothes or washing dishes. for other positive activity like help others like the neighbor who is having trouble with everyday life for example hard to eat everyday or need transport assistance to the hospital, etc  because help from us the neighbors finaly our relationship with neighbors or others person to be good so when someday we need help then quickly neighbors or other people will be fast help us.
I think as a writer as hard as any of the problems that we are facing if we are trying to solve these problems then the problem will be easily and have a lot to do good to other people so that our lives become easier in living life.

My Childhood

 My childhood passed happily and when I was a kid exactly when in elementary school what I thought just having fun like playing with friends, waiting for the school holidays on Sunday, waiting class next grade and waiting for the entry the most beautiful month of ramadan and prayer together with my friends in mosque.
When i was a kid and after coming home from school where i did was play with my friends and i play like to play marbles, playing petak umpet, play galasin, playing fort or as usual call “permainan benteng”, playing kites and play bike. but when entering the maghrib then I did go home because there is rules in my home if day of school cannot playing outside in the night and in sunday or holiday i can playing outside in the night but only until nine o’clock in the night.
The most exciting thing is when I was in elementary school I just thinking to fast entering the day Saturday and Sunday after entering Saturday and Sunday there was a beautiful day because on Saturday and Sunday I have a lot of time to play with my friends. and usually i do is playing kites where the place is field and in the attic in my house, playing marbles and play bike, feeling that I experienced during childhood is every day in the colourfull with happiness and without thinking to look for the necessities of life.
Entering acceptance school report to following the next level in the school which I fear is where if the result of value lessons in the report is not good, because automatically I could not pass to the next grade in the school and ultimately makes me sad basically my self realize that is all my fault because I was lazy to learn before and school holidays will feel gloomy.
The happiest when entered the holy month ramadan because I most liked when breaking the fast or iftar where the taste of food and drinks feels good and the most foods and drinks that I like at the time of Ramadan is coconut ice, fruit ice,orange syrup, melon syrup and banana compote (kolak pisang).
In the month of ramadan after maghrib prayers where my self and my friends usually visit each other to proceed or do it the prayer isha and after that continue with prayer tarawih usually me and my friends after prayer tarawih bought a chicken noodle where chicken noodle sellers use a cart and the place chicken noodle sellers use a cart is near mosque and around my home.
Atmosphere of the fasting month is very pronounced when dawn or “sahur” and break fast or iftar where situation the most beautiful time at dawn or “sahur” is when eat together with the family and continued with the morning prayer or “shalat subuh”. then break fast or iftar the most wonderful thing when breaking the fast or iftar with family and i feel the taste of foods and drink is delicious because all foods and drink made by my father and mother where cook based on love to family, in my opinion the most beautiful thing is about gather together with family because the family is a priceless treasure.
Childhood is the most beautiful and unforgettable memories and my opinion it will always be embedded inside my brain, for the last word I just want to say I hope or wish my writing is useful for myself and the people who read.

My Experience

In my life there is a lot of experience i got like a fun experience and unpleasant experience but I have to face it as bitter as any. before i had a pleasant experience there is unpleasant stage should I through and of an unpleasant experience and i learned that life is not easy and my opinion life needed of struggle as well as sacrifice and I had to learn from experience of the failure of life.
Unpleasant experience when i have tests for english language courses and i get for level of “pre-basic” this is the lowest level in English language courses. after getting my test results are very sad because to enter english language courses i get below basic level and that’s very lower level in english courses. but whatever i have to accept the results from test because only for that level where my ability.
After receiving the test results from english courses and finally my self register in English courses. when the first time my self attended english courses for pre-basic level there are many same age like me and a lot of student under my age too but whatever happens i have to concentrate to learning English because i want to know about english language.
To get a certificate for english language courses in the basic level must to go through several stages such as the needed to learn English from the basic one level to basic four level is last stage. and after the last stage on the basic four level should be on the test to be able to continue at a intermediate level and is unfortunately I ever had failed at the basic level for proceed to intermediate level.
After failed at the basic level and I must repeat again for basic level until pass and with my effort followed by desire finally i can pass from basic level in English courses. enter the intermediate level I’ve failed to reach the next level and I ever drop out because my self do not pass two times at the intemediate level but it does not reduce my desire to learn English. finally i have to register again because my self drop out from english course and the result I had to learn at a basic level in english course, but whatever happens I have to learn English language until understand.
Where after feel failures for some level in english course finally i can reach the advanced level in english course and when entering advanced level in english courses where all i felt like a dream because I never thought or imagine to enter the advance level in english courses before. in fact I’ve almost given up in learning english maybe i am tired to remember a lot of the words in english and the other reason my self almost given up because it is so hard to learn english language and so many words to keep in my mind, but because of support from my family finally I continue to learn English to pass the last level.
One of the solution that make my english can be honed very well by writing a letter with a pen pal in the overseas in the same time fortuity i have a pen pal in france and basicly i don’t ever visiting france and that’s the way to honed or sharpen my english language by sending a letter with my pen pal.
With sending a letter using english language from that solution the results could help my english language to be better than before. but now I lost contact with my pen pal in france last time my friend sent a letter to the worry to me and think that something unfortunate happen to me. because last time i send a letter if i am not mistake the year is 2004 that time there was the tsunami in aceh and it is make concerned my pen pal about myself. because before my pen pal think i live in aceh but in fact i live in Jakarta when i heard that my pen pal care about my self then i quickly send a letter back and my self has been replied the letter to my pen pal with explain that i was in good condition.
Basically until today myself still learn about english language because i must to remember english language words.
I hope my writing is useful for myself and other people who read it.

Tuesday Night In My Bedroom

Activities on Tuesday is the same with the other days activities and to drive away boredom I usually do is to sweep the floor, mopping floors, washing dishes, cleaning the bedroom and write about my self like to write about my activities every day, write about my hobby and write about my favorite food. and if I was tired in the afternoon so that I do is sleep but if I was not tired so that I do is watch television to repel boredom.
During unemployment some daily activities that I do to drive away boredom is by watching television, sweeping floors, mopping floors, washing dishes and writing about my daily life and my favorite food. sometimes if my body was tired in the afternoon then I’ll sleep but if my body was not tired then I’ll watch television.
Activity in the leisure time i use to write about everything like write about my self and write about my favorite food and usually i write in bahasa or english language and write with english language normally i do to hone my skills and my memories of the english language because my opinion english language must be often exercise or study every day and if I lazy to do it writing activities that I usually do is watch television.
Entered at eleven o’clock on Tuesday night situaton around my house feel quiet and just the sound of crickets is heard. sometimes in the night make my self just in case if there is a thief who entered my house and luckily so many people who live in my house so I do not feel scared if there is a thief entered my house can make so many people will wake up but I must be careful if there are bad people entered to my house.
Situation in my home would be nice if a lot of family members at home and if many members of the family was at home the atmosphere at home will be fun and noisy. basicly situation in my house will be fun when iftar begins because so much nice food made ​​by my father and my mother and my favorite drink and food when iftar time is coconut ice and banana compote.
Tuesday night where my sleep disturbed by a mosquito that was in my bedroom, but whatever happens I should be able to sleep because if my condition lack of sleep the results I will feel sleepy in the morning. and with lack of sleep will disturbed my concentration when doing activity but with any conditions in tuesday nights I tried to enough sleep and when wake up in the morning my body will feel refreshed and comfortable to do the activity from morning until afternoon.
I hope my writing is useful for myself and the people who read.

Cleaning my Bedroom

On Friday, I cleaned my bedroom and the reason I clean my bedroom because a lot of dust scattered in my room and dust makes a lot of mosquitoes in my bedroom at night. and with a lot of mosquitoes in my room at night where disturbing my sleep at night but after cleaning my bedroom in the mosquito in my bedroom is reduced.
The most part I do not like when cleaning the bedroom where I have to clean under the bed and under the table because i have to lift the bed and under the table and smoothed back. but the most fun when my bedroom was clean and it makes me happy because when my bedroom has been clean and then to do anything feels good.
Before I am very lazy to clean the bedroom but when too much of mosquitoes in my bedroom and it makes me to clean up the bedroom. and the first step in cleaning up the bedroom is with sweeping the floor because there is a lot of dirt on the floor, in the second stage is carried out by mopping the floor to make a floor is cleaner and for the last stage is to change the bed sheets or bed linen and wiping the dirt that’s on the table.
Actually there are still a lot of dirt in my bedroom where previously I did not cleaning because I cleaning the bedroom almost in the afternoon maybe I’ll cleaning again my bedroom tomorrow and my plan tomorrow is i will tidy up the shirt and my pants and clean again where dust that still exists in my bedroom and the last activity is to wash windows draperies in my bedroom.
My desire is where my bedroom every day is always clean and there is no dirt on the floor and tables. basically i have to get used to clean my bedroom every day because when the bedroom is clean and then to do anything will be comfortable and enjoyable.
Usually to clean my bedroom it took fifteen minutes to thirty minutes and my self concentrate to clean up dirt in the floor, dirt on the back and under the cabinets and the dirt under the table. basically I want to make my bedroom look clean and feel nice or good for the take a rest in the afternoon and in the night.
After cleaning the bedroom where the latter was resting in the bedroom while drinking a glass of sweet iced tea or a glass of cold milk. when the bedroom is clean while watching television with drinking a glass of sweet iced tea or a glass of cold milk will feel comfortable and enjoyable. probably thinking about the next stage to make the bedroom is cleaner and adding new goods or items.
I hope my writing is useful for myself and people who read my writing.

Education is Very Important

For our self education is something very important because we must have enough education to be able to meet the everyday needs and in addition to education are very important skills needed for self-for example the ability to use English, cooking skills, abilities in finance and others.
To enhance the ability of self-main runway is a lot of reading books and searching for information that can improve ourselves and if we are looking for information can be found in various places, in my opinion can be honed skills such as reading a book in addition we also have to implement it or realize it in their daily lives so that we learn useful knowledge for our self and others.
In addition to looking for education such english language, healty education, cooking education and the other do not forget to explore the science of knowledge about religion because about religious knowledge is very important to live our lives day to day as well as the life of this world and hereafter. religious education in my opinion should be continue to learn every day because of religious education leads us to the right path and the street are very useful to learn when we are having problems in the life of the world.
the turn of the day to day while undergoing daily life in make balance for to learn general knowledge as well as science of religion is a very important thing also is to maintain health because health is a priceless treasure with healthy soul and whatever else we would be comfortable, happy and very good in science learning.
To refresh the mind and memories in our brain and in my opinion the best solution is done so that we can continue to develop ourself be better and grow rich in science by continuing to learn every day because of the lessons learned every day to explore the talent that exists in ourselves.
My opinion often hang out with friends who have more knowledge can develop ourselves but beside got in addition knowledge from our friends also have to seek knowledge from everywhere and knowledge obtained from a variety of credible sources.
So science must be sought until last of our life and most important religious knowledge because science of religion is most important to live the rest of our lives and in the science of religions there are rules and from rules that can save us from error, the final word may be useful for my writing who read it.


Taufiq Rilhardin
From bedroom in meruya selatan, kecamatan kembangan, jakarta barat.

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