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Taufiq rilhardin writing part 6

Advantages of Socializing

Socializing is indeed needed in the life of an individual. Of course to add a friend or memperkenal one’s character. Thus, we will be increasingly familiar and can help each other each other. Closer to the environment can add insight and zoom in for a profit. There are several advantages of socializing that we can get.
The first is to multiply friend.  with have many friends indeed benefit in addition to we can get to know a wide variety of characters, will also expand its knowledge-sharing with each other. In addition, it will have more info about the job, task or specific activities.
Second is get a job. A job can also be retrieved or got from the establishment of a good socialization. With socialize will open our minds about existing circumstances surrounding our environment, that there may be a job that we can and we should strive for. Do not let that opportunity is wasted in a manner based on keys to success that you hold.
The third is able to provide jobs on a friend in need of a job. If we had a company then socialization will help to obtain new employment, and will certainly widen the business we run so the success will come. And with the influx of new labor will certainly improve the quality of economy around without any conscious we also reduce unemployment figures.
Fourth were expand insight. Socialization will impact both if we are clever in selecting the proper environment. Choose a good environment will open new insights in our brain that automatically records all incoming news if we menyimaknya carefully. The more extensive insight we then we are getting smarter in choosing the environment and follow the info where we will hear.
Fifth is learning to appreciate others. Respect for others is indeed very necessary in socializing because mutual respect will develop mutual responses between one and the other. But as I’ve discussed in the past postings, we must learn to appreciate ourself prior to appreciate others.
That’s just some of the advantages a good socializing. All odds are sourced from good socialization, so continue to socialize with the environment around you. (Source :
- Many Friends Make You Healthier and socialise for the sake of your health
One of the best secrets for health and longevity? Having a strong social network that includes siblings, friends, and other relationships. These are just a few reasons why you should prioritize family and friends.
- Making A Rare Illness
In one study, people with more diverse social relationships are less sensitive to cold than those who are socially isolated.
- Make sleep better
Lonely makes a person hard to sleep, according to research at the University of Chicago suggest: the more lonely you are, the more you insomnia.
- Stay Sharp
Have a strong social support can reduce the risk of cognitive decline, according to several studies.
- Live longer
People with a stronger social relationships is 50% more likely to live longer compared to the social relations that are not strong, the 2010 analysis found. That makes the impact of ‘ friends ‘ is not much of comparable to that of smoking.
For the last word i hope my writing may come in handy or useful for people who have read my writing and I hope there is a positive input in order to make my writing better.

The Negative Impact of Free Association

Today we should take care in choosing a friend because if we choose wrong friend or bad person the result we will fall into the Association isn’t right so when we meet new people’s and the most important thing should be assessing that person in terms of the words or conduct of a person who is the first we known and should be analysed in advance about such person because it could be people who look good as a result of the bad guys and so instead people look not very good the result is a good guy but there was also a look very good result is a good guy as well and vice versa who comes to no good result indeed people not good.
In the present era a variety of information can easily be in the know of the various source either from the internet, newspapers, magazines and books in a source of information that we can positively impact will make a favor to ourselves but if information we can negatively affect the result surely will be detrimental to our own may be destroying our lives.
As for the positive impact that either affect ourselves as information science that we can from the internet, newspapers, magazines, books and friends who always helps when we’re there is trouble on the contrary negative effects that can affect us as free association, free sex, narcotics, abortion, embezzlement of the vehicle and the other is not good actions which ultimately very detrimental to ourselves.
The negative impact of free association is very detrimental to us the results of which can destroy our future that will eventually create a disappointed our families like the family being embarrassed by negative deeds we do. so before the negative life adversely affecting ourselves then we should learn about the life of negative that can harm ourselves so that we don’t fall into a negative association.
Choose good friends is very important in influencing our lives in order to undertake activities on the positive Association friends and avoid friend with bad personality in order to avoid a negative association, but if we meet the friend with bad personality should endeavour to bring to a good association or invite positive activities such as learning, help people in distress and bring bad person are closer to the teachings of the religion in order to become better.
So in fear now is about free association that negatively affect such as free sex and narcotic because when someone has fall to free association with negatively impact for future results will be destroyed so to hang out with friends old and new should be careful in the present era so as not to fall into the negative association and the way out or the solution is should be more close to ourselves on religious teachings to always on the path to a positive one.
In my opinion sometimes that makes people fall into free association that eventually became a negative association may be due to the insistence of or minimal economic problems so that the person can be influenced by people who are not good.
When someone has already lapsed into free association or negative association that eventually his life would be ruined and samples as small as cigarette smoking at a young age and then exposed to free sex because of insistence or minimal economic after that do it negative think like abortion and  eventually could occur if the mind is dizzy because a lot of problem in his mind which eventually lapsed into narcotic.
For my last word as the author can only say stay away from free association or association negative and approach ourselves with such positive association like comply with the rules of religion so as not to fall into the negative association and do positive activities such as learning from various source of knowledge that will eventually bring goodness to ourselves.


Taufiq Rilhardin
I write this from meruya selatan, kecamatan kembangan, jakarta barat.

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