Senin, 24 Desember 2012

Taufiq rilhardin writing part 4

Friday Afternoon until Tonight

Friday was a beautiful day because in day of Friday the nice things when finished Friday prayers further action is break at home, maybe it will feel wonderful when the midday heat while drinking sweet iced tea at the same time watching television at home.
Time after Friday prayers will be running very fast towards the afternoon before the turn of time the afternoon to the night and will feel the beautiful atmosphere at the turn of time afternoon and night, usually on a Friday night activity I do is watch television while looking for information jobs in internet media.
Mostly on friday if there is free time beside watching television that I usually do is write about anything for example like to write about my daily lives that I experienced and wrote about food that I like or write about the health benefits but if my eyes are so sleepy that I did to finish my writing and finally made ​​my writing on the next day.
As usual on Friday night was quiet for a few hours before going into Saturday and Sunday where a beautiful day for a vacation or rest at home and usually on Saturday and Sunday I am doing at home resting, eating and drinking sweet iced tea or cold water.
Friday is the most beautiful day to do everything like get together at home with family, eating and drinking like ice cold sweet tea and the other foods. Friday afternoon the day will be wonderful too when resting in the bedroom, reading newspapers and watching television on the evening of the most beautiful thing before bed at night is don’t forget to drink a glass of warm milk.
On Friday night at my family and I usually sleep at ten o’clock at night because when you wake up on Saturday morning the body will feel refreshed because of the quality of sleep in previous days has been good and the most fun when walking in the morning around the house while breathing air in the morning.
Because now I am unemployed so Friday afternoon until late evening is the time to devote my hobby to writing in the day Friday afternoon there is lot of things to write like for example in Friday afternoon as many kids playing ball in the park and the located is in front of my house and in friday afternoon  also many selling food around my house like a sell meatball with cart, seller somay with cart, etc.
My activities as unemployment is filled with writing about anything, applying for jobs, watching television, reading newspapers, etc., but if it has been entered Friday my heart will feel happy because the next day is a holiday and a good time to write that at the start of the afternoon until the evening when they entered the night time that is convenient for writing and a quiet moment to think about everything.
After doing writing activities on Friday nights, the activities in the end with sleep but if I cannot a sleep on Friday night and then I did was watch television with the hope that I can fast a sleep but basicly i can sleep after watching television and i am not forget to turn off television because if i am not turn off television and then  television noise will disturb my self when sleep.
I hope my writing is useful for myself and the people who read my writing.

Sunday Night In My Room

In the atmosphere is quiet on a Sunday in my room I feel calm and beautiful place to rest my room every day a room is my favorite place in a variety of activities such as playing Internet while in same time sending job applications to various companies, drinking a glass of ice cold sweet tea , listen to music from the computer and watching television before bed. My favorite is usually watching television at night because of the film on television at night is nice but if there is not my favorite movie so that I do is sleep and fast sleep I usually do sleep fast when I have a job interview appointment, employment test, medical check up or appointments with my friends to meet.
My activity in the room is not so much but I just spent a lot of time in front of my computer to look for work and sometimes I feel tired because of too many job applications that I must send, but inevitably I have to do for the good of myself. The most I do not like when the job calls for interview or work test that is far for me to reach from my house to place where i must job interview or work test, I was lazy at all if the actual place of job interview or test work so far away from my house and must dressing change vehicle on public transport. and the most I do not like along the way will breathe dirty air that will eventually have an effect is not good to me.
When my body feels tired from going out of a place so fast that I do maybe I’ll sleep under at ten o’clock at night, but if my body has not felt so tired that I do is surf the net or watching television. usually when the body feels tired the day will be beautiful when are accompanied by a glass of sweet iced tea and basicly sweet iced tea is my favorite drink because the beverage is made ​​easy and taste is good but be careful if you have diabetes because it would be dangerous.
If I had a lot of thought or every day often got problems to sleep and the solutions to make sleep early by the way watching television, playing internet or read newspapers. but if the way is still not resolved then I will hug a pillow to my head to make my self feel comfortable and if my self still could not sleep well then I will try to close my eyes and think of the beautiful fantasy like to eat ice cream, chicken noodle, eat somay, eat empek empek and the other.
Every so often when I play internet like fall asleep at the computer and sometimes I forget to turn off the television but if there’s noise and bright light the results are sleeping I do not feel well. I did end up turning off lights, computers are still on and the television still on and I will feel well when there was silence and quiet after that when wake up in the morning in the fresh state as well as fun doing various activities in various places.
For the last word of my writing may be useful to myself and useful to people who read my writing.
Taufiq Rilhardin
I write this in my bedroom, meruya selatan, kembangan, jakarta barat

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