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Taufiq rilhardin writing part 3

Monday night in my bedroom

A pleasant situation when be in the bedroom and in my opinion the most comfortable place to rest at night was in the bedroom. basically my daily activities at night in the bedroom and in my bed is the most pleasant places to rest and in the bedroom can do anything like watching television and drinking sweet iced tea, read newspapers, read books and sleep .
Because my current situation of unemployment so every day is fun the reason there is no work load on my brain and every day seemed to be a fun color to doing everything at home. on one side there is sad moment because end of the months  I did not receive a salary that goes into my account from work but there is something fun because I got the car rental business even though the car I have only one but can help me a little in financial trouble but whatever i got basicly I am very grateful.
Usually on Monday nights if tomorrow I have a job interview or job test then I’ll sleep early but if tomorrow there is no job interview or job test then I will relax in the bedroom. and usually if there’s an interview or test work on tomorrow I went to bed early and the reason I do it that to keep condition my body was not sleepy and to keep condition my body fresh when attend job interview or job test.
Sometimes if in the night my head dizzy then i try to do it like closed my eyes and trying to sleep that is solution to erase dizzy from my head. but sometimes before going to sleep disorders such as television sound with high volume, the sound of people talking, the sound of running water, the sound of falling objects, etc. in fact if my head felt very dizzy at night then I will always be in the bedroom from the night until morning.
Monday night will be fun if all problems can be resolved properly, but will be a sad moment when not running properly. In my opinion a lot of problems in life that must be faced but nevertheless life must go on and when I have the heavy burden of problems that I do is sleep in my room with hoping to forget the problems that exist in me.
During being unemployed every day is a holiday, especially on Monday and every day is time to relax by watching television and sleeping in the morning, afternoon and evening, but the most unpleasant thing is not having money so the solution is to find work to meet the needs of daily living.
Habit for my self at Monday night is when I was in the bedroom and that would be wonderful day if accompanied by a glass of sweet iced tea or a glass of cold milk. and a both is my favorite drink and the next stage is after drinking a glass of iced sweet tea and a glass of cold milk is sleep and sleep is the most exciting stage, for the last word that is my activity for monday night in my bedroom.
I hope my writing is useful for myself and for those who read it.

Thursday Night in My Bedroom

Thursday is the day the most fun for me because Thursday is approaching Saturday and Sunday where that day is a holiday. as usual activities every day I spent more time on my bedroom or around my house but if there’s a job interview or a test I have to attend and the most important thing I do not like so many mosquitoes in my bedroom, probably because I have not cleaned my bedroom that’s why so many mosquitoes in my room.
Every Thursday of heart I feel happy because the next day on Friday I had to do Friday prayers, my activity on Thursday where i am do it my activities same as the other day that’s i said routine activity  but Thursday is more fun because the approaching holiday.
Activity on Thursday though my self just watching television in my bedroom but it is probably the most fun thing and that makes the most fun because I was in my own house and close to my family especially close to my parents.
But on Thursday I felt sad because until now I still do not have a job but whatever happens I’ll keep trying to find a job. I often think of to try make happy my parents and now I feel with my soul the most important it makes live happily is in the middle of the family, especially near the close with both parents.
The most important thing  i hate on Thursday where was on Thursday when I could not sleep because if I could not sleep my body feel sleepy in the morning and the results in the morning my head will feel dizzy because lack of sleep the other problem is hard to open my eyes because feel sleepy and that’s the reason because less sleep in the night, but I’ll find a way so that I can sleep well perhaps by reading newspapers, watching television, drinking warm milk, and others.
On Thursdays I like to hear the recitation of al Quran from a mosque near my house and the sound recitation al qur’an is very pleasing to me and thursday night make me happy when my self was in my bedroom with the atmosphere felt calm and peaceful in the bedroom because I can let go of tired and let the mind be more quiet.
I actually think that makes me happy is if every day can gather with family and solve various problems together being faced due on the daily lives through a lot of problems that must be faced the real is I often can not deal alone with the problem where I’m must facing and I desperately need the help of my family to find a way out in dealing with my problems in daily life.
With the passage of time in the seconds keep running the current situation I am still unemployed, so every day is a holiday for me and all my activities are fully performed at home by doing routine daily activities such as mopping the floor, washing dishes and making beds. but sometimes on Thursdays I’ve thought about what activities are best done on holidays and sometimes I think about what foods are good for eating on holiday but I was just thinking about food the price is cheap or the price is standard for buy the meal in the holidays and food prices to eat on holiday are basically must be in accordance with my ability.
Hopefully writing I’ve made useful for myself and the people who read my writing.

Taufiq Rilhardin

I write this from my bedroom in meruya selatan, kecamatan kembangan, jakarta barat.

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