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Taufiq rilhardin writing part 2

My house is my castle

In my opinion there is not the most comfortable place other than home because at home we can do anything like get together with family, rest in bedroom, watching television, playing computer games, learning and refuge from the heat of the sun and shelter from the cold water in rain.
Two things make the most beautiful in the house when can able to gathered together with family and can rest in the bedroom, first we will talk about the beauty can gathered together with family.  as it has been known when our self in the house is going to be wonderful because that makes life happy when can gathered together with family and tell the problem that we are facing today.  for the second when resting in the bedroom can unwind and sleep well because when inside the bedroom and the situation was lovely to rest.
When it is outside of homes we will face the problems that come to us but when entered home the atmosphere would be so wonderful.  and for me as the author of the best places to do anything is the home when any problems we encountered outside the home while at home or in bed will find a solution to solve the problems.
As author my opinion there is two reason make myself or our self feel sad for the first reason when the situation we will feel the atmosphere of loneliness when far away from home and the second reason is alone at home.  because when far away from home we will feel the most comfortable place to do whatever is home and when alone at home we will feel that the family is the most important part of our lives.
My opinion to feel the beauty of life when at home in the morning in the same time breathe the fresh morning air and could hear the chirp of birds that are around our house and drink warm tea or warm milk after that look at the beautiful garden that is be around our home.
Being at home will feel comfortable when looking at anything in the house looks clean like the floors is clean, the bedroom is clean , the bathroom is clean, etc. my opinion the most important thing is cleanliness inside and outside the home so the family members should be able to keep the house still clean and as a child try make our parents happy by cleaning the house because when the house is clean make ourselves always want at home.
When the time was night and do not forget to lock the fence of house, lock the front door of the house, locked the door on the top floor, check that the stove is off, turn off lights, turn off television or radio, turning off the water that was pouring, pull out the plug from the iron, etc., when all is completed it is time to sleep and when sleep will feel wonderful when we are at home.  for the last word wish my writing will useful for myself and the people who read

My Activity

My current activities at home the problem for work  remains because i use the time in my spare time to sent a lot of job applications sent to various companies either via e-mail or through the mail and the results are pretty good at this because after I sent a job application with a less than a month there have been several calls work even there is  if the results are not satisfactory to me because there are some that refuse and accept my work but the problem is that where is the job accept me to work for receives his salary is less than my expectations.
I sometimes think how long I should unemployed where is turnover time in an ongoing while I kept thinking did I could sufficient needs of daily living or not in the future even now I still live with my parents and food available at the dinner table when I was hungry but I do not want to troublesome my parents. and day after day I kept thinking to please my parents or make happy my family while I was looking for trouble of my life and find a way out of problems of life that make my life happier but now is still hard for me to find a job, but whatever happens I will continue to exert every effort to please my family or make happy my family.
During unemployed in every night before bed I like to feel sad because I always keep thinking like does my life can goes well or not and always thinking did i can make my parents happy while and that question always comes in my head or brains on the other hand I have to find a job and life partner to my liking and it turns out to look for a job and partner life is not easy for me but whatever happens I have to keep looking for a spouse life with a job I love.
In their spare time I usually write about events that I experienced or walk way to the nearest mall probably also to my friend’s house and that activity I do to kill the boredom that descend on me with activity i am doing led to good results by doing every a lot of activities such as the engage in activities with that benefit many positive experiences and for first my activity is I may very like to write something and from writing I get a lot of knowledge like words in english language or the other for the second activity is with the way going to the mall or to visit my friend’s house the result a lot of inspiration that I can with going to some place and good relationships with my friends.
The usual routine I’m doing is mopping floors, washing dishes, tidy up beds, sleeping if there is no interview or work test, send a job application either via e-mail or letter, and sometimes very boring because the idle activities in addition with unemployed where not have any friends because all my friends is working and no also the money that goes into my account too because I am currently in desperate need of money to meet my needs and I hope in the near future or will soon have job that I like and hopefully my final word is wish this paper useful for myself and the people who read it.
Taufiq Rilhardin
I write this from my bedroom in meruya selatan, kecamatan kembangan, jakarta barat

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