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Taufiq rilhardin writing part 7

The Benefits of Napping and Advantage Sleep

As a writer i often less sleep at night and the result was during the day I’ll be sleepy so i did was sleep in the daytime, although my sleep time during the day there was not much but i am pleased to be able to sleep during the day and after I read the article it turns out a napping is good for your health and research results also prove a napping can be sharpen memories and here is a clue as to the quality of a napping :
1. 10 minutes
napping for 10 minutes directly removes stiffness and improve the work of the brain for at least 2.5 hours. While if only 5 minutes, useless.

2.20 minutes
The benefits will increase your reaction speed in doing the job of counting. However, of course the effect is not imminent. At least it took 35 minutes to neutralize the brain condition after waking from sleep.
3.30 minutes
At first you will feel sleepy, but for 5 minutes then you will be more alert and mentally fresh for as long as 90 minutes. But, sleeping for 10 minutes is better, to avoid any unpleasant effects from too much sleep.
4.45-90 minutes
For 45-90 minutes you towards sleep, but without a complete sleep cycle to complete. “Your body will feel more uneasy after waking, compared to before going to sleep,” said Dr. w. Christopher Winter.
5.90-110 Minutes
The average sleep cycle people less than 90 minutes, the ideal time to take a napping with quite a long time. If the napping more than that time, chances are the signs of sleep disorders, says Dr. Winter. [tempointeraktif]
Source :
Do you often stay up late, watching TV, studying or just chatting maybe? be careful, lack of sleep not only might cause you to flunk in exams, but it also can make you eat too much and worst of all…fail to grow.
let’s face it, with 24 hour TV, live soccer games in the small hours of morning, cramming for an exam, mountains of school assignments, midnight shows in the cinemas, hanging out in cafes that open till past midnight, lots of us are not sleeping enought. we all know that our mind and body need to rest after a day full of activities. but most people still underestimate the fact that sleeping is very crucial to healt and productivity. many people think they can do with only a few hours of sleep every night; they go to bed late at night and wake up early in the morning, sleeping for only 4 - 5 hours. but this kind of lifestyle may prove dangerous. let’s see just how important sleeping is :
  • Sleep-deprived people (those who don’t get enough sleep) do badly in tests that require speed and accuracy. their reflex and ability to perform coordinated functions such as driving weaken. that’s why it is very dangerous to drive when you feel drowsy. when something happens, for example a blown tire, your tired brain may not go immediately into action to take the necessary steps.

  • The brain re-organizes its network during sleep, getting rid of short-term memory (like what you eat for lunch, what you see on the street, etc) and strengthening long-term memory. that’s why when you have an exam at school, it’s better to study then get enough sleep, rather than to stay up all night. sleeping will help our brain store the information that you’ve just acquired.

  • When a person doesn’t get enough sleep, his body loses a hormone called leptin. with the level of leptin decreasing, the person will crave food high in carbohydrate, although he is already full.

  • People who don’t sleep enough suffer a decrease in immune system. the number of their blood cells drops. that’s why they can easily come down with an illness.
  • The body releases growth hormone during periods of deep sleep, about 30-45 minutes after falling asleep. the amount of hormone released during sleep is biggest during puberty and begins to drop at the age of 33-40. although a person’s height and body shape are determined by many factors (like nutrition, exercise and genetics), it is still a good idea to get plenty of sleep so you can really make the best of your growing period. but what about those of us who sometimes have to turn in late? it’s OK to stay up late sometimes, but you’d better make up the sleep loss immediately, for example during the weekend. if you anticipating a late night, try to take a nap for 20-30 minutes.
For the last word as a write i wish my writing is useful for evey people who read and please give feedback to the author if there is useful information for authors.

Feelings are boring when unemployed and don’t have money

When the unemployed and did not have the money the atmosphere around feels boring because if we want to do a thing does not have the money and usually during idle or unemployeed that I do as a writer only silence or stay at home while looking for a job in the newspaper and internet are ultimately waiting time elapsed from morning to night and finally start back tomorrow with the same day with before.
Activities that I did during my unemployed started the morning with a waiting call for the work interview from the job application that I have previously sent and at the same time send job applications to various companies where sends by mail and e-mail and in the evening take a break while you watch television and sleep at night.
To make my self busy so as not to get bored at home in ways often make sweet iced tea and I drink at lunch or in the evening and in the morning or in the evening I like to ride my bike to the internet cafes where internet cafés belonging to my friend and in the internet cafe my activity is send a job application and listen to my favorite music on the website after finishing playing the internet I came home and rested back while waiting for the phone call for  job interview or accept for work in an enterprise or company.
usually each day to spend time at home that I do watch television, surf the net in the bedroom and make a cool drink to refresh my thirst and if the atmosphere is getting bored at home I usually call my friend just for simply chatting about things that are going on with myself and talk about anything.
During unemployed I love writing articles and perhaps writing is one of my hobbies because when a problem is inside my self where pour in writing then my heart will calm because the problem had me tell with writing to people who have read my writing and my expectations of people who have read my writings give a positive input whose results can create the good impact for my self.
Actually i like during unemployed is my time to meet up with my family more but on one side at this moment i am unemployed in the same time i don’t have money and to issue money should think several times because I need to save or economize money on spending an everyday.
Perhaps i was very lucky in a state of the unemployment i can eat everyday because help from my family and can be gathered together with a family where i love and I am quoting from this lesson that the family is the happiness and a priceless treasure with anything.
To ward off boredom during unemployment then i did was do a positive activities such as writing about anything on the internet, watch television, read a newspaper, sleep and helps parents like sweeping the floor, mop floors, wash dishes, bowls, spoons, forks and glasses.

Activity at My House Before The Feast of Eid al-Fitr

Activities in my home the most i like is when approaching Eid because there are some activities done in my house as did my mother make cakes and foods where will served to guests who come to my house at the feast of Eid al-Fitr.  as well as clean room of the house such as cleaning the room guests, cleaning bedroom, etc.
Usually before the feast of Eid my mom likes to bake “kastengel” and cook “opor ayam”, “sayur buat ketupat” but I like it when the day of Eid there is food like fried chicken, “sate ayam”, “rawon” and for drink on the day of Eid i love the ice fruit or as usual call “es buah”, “es melon” and orange juice with ice or as usual call “jus jeruk dengan es”.  but this time that food is still in my fantasy and I hope that foods can be realized on the day of Eid because I think the presence of these foods will add to the wonderful atmosphere of the day Eid al-Fitr feast at my house.
One day before Eid usually my father cook “rendang” and “rendang” made my father is very good, usually a day or two days before Eid activities at my home is busy with cooking activities.  and I am usually looking for foods and drink in traditional market or supermarket also are to be prepared on the day of Eid because of my desire Eid plenty of food and cold drinks are available.
My family activity usually when i was a child before the feast of Eid I’ve been looking for new clothes for Eid with my mother, brother, young brother and youngest brother, but now that every my sibling has been adult all the activities of buying a new clothes and pants doing with ​​individually.  and when i was a child i see usually one or two days before the feast of Eid fitri the place of shopping will seen crowded because people shopping for need the feast of Eid al-Fitr.
When i was a child one or two days before Eid usually my family in my home is preparing goods for going vacation such as clothes, food, medicines and put in the car.  usually my family and my parents friends vacation out of town use a car and usually my family and my parents friends holiday to the area of Java especially there is a beach.  because most of my family and maybe my parent friend love to swim at the beach too so to looking for a place to vacation there is usually a beach.
The approaching Eid this year from the far distant day my mother has been making cakes exactly eleven days before Eid my mother has begun for installments made  the cake.  and my mother make a cake from the far distant day because the next activity will easy or not hard so that one or two days before Eid so that subsequent activities to make a cake again are not so heavy. and for the last word wish my writing is useful for my self and people who read.


Taufiq Rilhardin
I write this from my bedroom in meruya selatan, kecamatan kembangan, jakarta barat.

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