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Taufiq rilhardin writing part 1

When The Rain Comes Is Better at Home

The circumstances at home will taste good when the rain came because that makes the situation into a nice for explanation there is a cold air and for that make want to sleep at home and it would be nice to be at home when eating and drink with our favorite food  because if cold air by just have a desire like to eat and drink.
One of the fun on rainy days come where be good are at home in the same time gathered with family in the family room with watching television because by gathered with the family can create an atmosphere in the home to be familiar and probably more fun when gathered with family in the family room while watching television and eating small meals to suit our desires.
After finishing with a nice family gathering in the family room after that is sleeping in bed with rest the body in order to be make nice stamina in the next day to run the daily activities become nice colored and maybe before sleep be better reading a book or newspaper where to add science and insights we are more open to know about everything because usually my self after reading a book or the newspaper will be drowsy and after that sleep slumbering.
If I can’t sleep at the time it was raining I usually watch television and then if i had the money I would have loved to buy food such as chicken noodles, noodles and meatballs, chicken porridge for the drink I like once with warm tea, warm ginger, warm milk and warm orange juice but if i don’t have money just imagine the food and drinks.
Actually I like when it was raining is to be in the bedroom while watching television at the same time eating and drinking to suit my wishes and in a cold weather situation made that day be wonderful because of the break in the bedroom becomes more palatable.
I think as a writer who makes the atmosphere at home is being beautiful can get together with the family because if only alone at the house may be a home will feel deserted and with good food and drinks add more festive atmosphere of being at home and in my opinion as a writer of togetherness with our family is a very important thing in through day after day.
If it’s raining come i as the author sometimes lazy once to get out the house because everywhere is muddy street and the reason to get out the house on a rainy maybe when there is something important to be bought or have family events outside the house and maybe i have an appointment with a friend.
But at this moment where i as the author did not have money when rain fell may be the best for my self just staying at home in the same time browsing the internet and sending job applications to various companies in order to get a job and the bottom line as the author i do is a positive activity in the home when the rain came and for the last word i hope my writing is useful with other people where read my writing.

The Most Personality Traits I Like

As an ordinary man I like the personality from a friend and life partner with nice personality and nice personality mean polite, soft spoken, honest, not arrogant and my dreams for my life partner is usually a woman who loves honest, kind, not arrogant, tidy, said the language is fine and soft spoken. but beside judging from the personality of a woman i love with a woman whose face is beautiful because it is usually of a beautiful woman’s face would be make my heart happy.
To my friends basicly i like friends who are honest, kind and not arrogant in fact I would expect from a friend is a friend who helped me when I was having a difficult life.  as when I do not have a job with so fast my friend helped me to find jobs that match my ability and when I have the problems of life my friend can help in solving the problems of life by providing a way out of the issues i was dealing.
Now talk about my dream woman actually i liked a woman when talking with me can make peaceful in my heart, has always supported me in a positive action, helped me when I was having problems in life. but I often judge a woman is not in terms of personality but in terms of a pretty face because of the beauty of a woman can melt my heart to love it.
When i like a woman i will talk a lot about my life, my hobbies, my favorite food and my favorite place  for vacation usually i like a vacation to the beach or mountains.  on the other hand If i do not like a personality from woman then i am more quiet but nevertheless i still maintain a good relationship with a woman where i doesn’t like it.  because someday i will need help women where i do not like because basically my opinion do not like does not mean hating.
Been a long time i never go together with a woman that i love and basically i like a woman who has a pretty face with a good personality and with pretty face accompanied good personality that can make my self happy to talk with a very long time with that women. ​and now i am still looking for a woman where a ready for relationship to a more serious level and in finding a woman who I love very needed high concentrations because of that i expect that women will be my partner for life forever.
It turns out to find a life partner is not easy because in addition to bringing together two different ideas of both parties also unify the two sides of family are expected with unify from family finally good relationships will be established forever from a both family at the moment are felt to myself that hard to find a life partner in accordance with the wishes but nevertheless I am always looking for life partner to my liking and I expect to find a life partner in the near future. for the last word wish my writing can be useful for myself and the people who read.

Taufiq Rilhardin

I write this from my bedroom in meruya selatan, kecamatan kembangan, jakarta barat.

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